Tasso Mattar leads for 20 years in his cozy studio into the art of  jewellery . In a few days he gives an insight into the basics of this ancient craft. In addition to sawing, soldering, filing old techniques of casting silver are be taught, like  the "sand casting" and "cast with lost wax".

Since 1995, took up this offer in more than 150 courses around 600 participants. Some jewellery enthusiasts come now for the 10th time.

The workshops  are  booked individually or as a group. Upon request, additional dates and topics can be set up by arrangement in addition to the regular program. So there was, among others Workshops on the topic: frames, welding, jewellery from recycled materials, amber processing, endings and transitions.

An integral part of the course program are now the Enameling courses with Danni Schwaag. She shows  a playful and professional approach to this beautiful art.

Artà is a small town in the northeast of Majorca and has about 7,000 inhabitants and a good infrastructure: bus service, bars, restaurants, post office, banks, shops of all branches, farmer's market, hotels. The participants either live in a small city hotel or as a group on a finca in the area.
A corresponding contact will be mediated with pleasure It offers a few pleasant, creative day!