Mattar was noted for his thematical exhibitions. We remember his bone exhibition “jewellery in a butchers”1987, which became a legendary jewellery event . This show of the “precious” in the “trivial world” is a model of Mattars special aesthetical approach which includes everyday objects as well as every day life.

Even his early work, for example the concrete necklace from 1985 in which the habitual gold was used as reinforce inside the concrete, played with the ambiguity of feelings and with the possibility to lose its acceptance as a jewel.

The bone work “Blitzmann” is adapted from the Spanish sign for danger with electricity. Mattar illustrate this case of death in a brooch composition, a medium what normally not will be used for that kind of stories.

With this unusual approach Mattar is looking for to come close to his public. And all they, who are able to open up his messages and appreciate them, will be accompanied by an extraordinary piece there whole life.

Mattars artwork is collected by museums and private collections all over the world and the ideas, developed in his artistic laboratory, influence his work as a designer and teacher. A connection one will notice while visiting this web site.